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Renowned Photographer Giovanna Aryafara Joins Season Opening Ceremony in Budva, Montenegro

MONTENEGRO, June 2 - 3, 2023. Budva, Montenegro, is preparing to host an extraordinary Season Opening Ceremony that will bring together  a collective of talents, including the esteemed artist Giovanna Aryafara. Presented by Budva Tourism and Mood. fashion magazine, this highly anticipated event promises to be an unparalleled celebration of art, culture, and creativity.

Giovanna Aryafara, a highly regarded photographer known for her ability to capture the essence of humanity through a minimalist, design-inspired lens, will showcase her captivating art photography during the ceremony. With a lifelong passion for photography and a unique perspective, Giovanna has exhibited her works across the globe, captivating audiences in Australia, Paris, New York, Milan, Mexico, India, Bali, Brazil, and Thailand. Notably, she has won numerous prestigious International awards, including Africa in Focus Photo Competition in 2020 and Travel Photographer of the Year Finalist in 2021, cementing her reputation as an exceptional talent.

Expressing her excitement about the invitation to the Season Opening Ceremony hosted by Budva Travel, Giovanna exclaimed, "I am truly delighted and honored to be invited to the Season Opening Ceremony. This remarkable event presents an incredible opportunity for me to share my art with a diverse audience. Visiting this beautiful and historical city has always been the dream of mine. Budva Travel has curated an exceptional celebration, and I am grateful for the chance to contribute to its resounding success."

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Adriatic coastline, Budva will provide the perfect canvas to showcase the artists' creations during the Season Opening Ceremony. The event will be an extraordinary spectacle of artistic performances, bringing together a diverse range of talents. Visitors will have the privilege of witnessing the artistic brilliance of Giovanna Aryafara and exploring the profound visual narratives captured through her lens.

Giovanna's art photography exhibition undoubtedly stands out as a highlight of the Season Opening Ceremony. Her evocative images, characterized by a unique blend of artistry and storytelling, beckon viewers to embark on a visual journey through emotions and shared experiences. Through her lens, Giovanna captures the beauty of our Earth and the rich tapestry of human experiences, offering a glimpse into the interconnectedness of humanity.

Looking forward to the unforgettable opening of the summer season in Budva, Giovanna expresses her enthusiasm, saying, "I am absolutely thrilled to be exhibiting my photography at this stunning event! It is an honor to showcase my work alongside such talented artists and to be part of this remarkable celebration in Budva. I cannot wait to visit this beautiful country and immerse myself in its rich culture."

Throughout her photography journey, Giovanna is dedicated to the promotion of awareness of these stories and supports human rights organizations around the world, such as Survival International that help create a more just environment for all.  

In addition to her participation in the Season Opening Ceremony, Giovanna owns and operates a renowned photography studio, photography gallery, and homeware stores located in Canggu, Bali, Indonesia. Her studio and gallery serve as a haven for creativity, where Giovanna's remarkable works are exhibited throughout the space. Visitors can explore her curated collection of artworks, immerse themselves in the world of photography, and indulge in the cozy ambiance of the accompanying coffee house.

For those seeking a deeper connection with Giovanna’s captivating art photography, her website at offers a comprehensive portfolio of her work.

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