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Educational Sponsorship

“I believe, one of the best ways to give back to people is through sponsorship, as it has a direct impact on the people and the community” - Giovanna

Ever since Giovanna committed to her first sponsorship through CCELA, she has become super close to everyone in CCELA like a family, including CCELA Orphanage Manager, Ephrem Tefera Robi
Ephrem has been dedicating his life to CCELA, ensuring the best care is provided to the children in the most efficient manner. Ephrem has one of the goals that he wants to achieve, which is to be able to have a master’s degree. “In Ethiopia, learning is a big deal,” said Ephram, “Regarding our orphanage the place I work (CCELA) it gives courage to others and it is a big motivation for us,” he added.
Unavoidably, he is struggling to afford to pay the tuition of the study which is fairly expensive for him. But his strong will and dedication inspired Giovanna and her husband to help with the sponsorship. Giovanna decided to sponsor him for his Master’s Degree and pay for the complete tuition. 
With this sponsorship, Ephram is able to continue his study and chase his dream to have the degree. “Giovanna understands me a lot and her trust in me to give this chance is not easily defined. I give big respect for her unlimited kindness and I hope she will see the fruit (of her kindness) very soon.” Ephram expresses his enormous gratitude for this opportunity.
“Her sponsorship will not only impact me, it is the whole community around us. She is working hard regarding knowledge which is a blessing and unforgettable. Thank you so much again and I am very grateful” Ephram added.
Ephram is now studying at Admas University, in Addis Ababa. In 2022, he will graduate with a Master of Business Administration, achieving one of his lifetime dreams.
Ephrem Tefera Robi - Orphanage Manager of CCELA


Ephrem Tefera Robi graduated from Admas University and got his Degree in Business Administration. 

"Thank you so much Giovanna for all that you did for me 😍 I am so blessed to see this day 🙏 I can’t thank you enough for the support you did on my education. I am so grateful to have you in my life 😍
Today I completed and I am so happy😍🙏 thank you again for your generous support . It’s all happened because of you 😍🙏🙏🙏🙏 love you so much 😍" - Ephrem