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Why we choose Hahnemühle

Why we choose Hahnemühle Photo Rag® and Hahnemühle Daguerre Canvas
Ever since we started printing my photography ourselves, we always use Hahnemühle Photo Rag® and Hahnemühle Daguerre Canvas. Not only that we love the quality of the product, which is undeniable, we also support them as the company. This is because we like their stand on environmental awareness. 
As stated by the Vice President & General Manager of Hahnemühle recently on their newsletter:
“For many years, we have supported international and regional environmental protection projects with our Green Rooster initiative. These include reforestation, animal welfare and environmental education programs. There is much we are already doing to achieve our part of climate protection, but there is always something to improve, and we are far from reaching our goal.” - Henrik Bernander (Vice President & General Manager of Hahnemühle)
This is not sponsored by Hahnemühle, we just love their product and we support them as a company.