Wilderness Safari Photography Competition 2020 Winner - Willow

Willow by Giovanna Aryafara
Omo Valley, Ethiopia


Super excited to announce that "Willow" won the 2020 Africa in Focus Photo Competition. Willow was chosen by the panel of judges to be the winner "People / Cultures & Communities of Africa". 


"Very late in the afternoon just as the light was starting to fade, I spotted this young girl from the Suri tribe, at a distance. She appeared like a nymph in the wild lush wilderness. I didn’t have any time to change my lens otherwise she would have disappeared. I quickly held up my camera and took this shot, holding my breath, hoping she wouldn't look away. I felt a rush of excitement when I pressed the shutter twice, as she stared into the lens for a short few seconds,  as I knew I had captured the moment" - Giovanna






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