ImageNation 2019: Atlas of Humanity

         The Atlas of Humanity project is the result of collaboration with the Alex Dolce Foundation, a non-profit organization that encourages the creation and support of social and economic projects, with particular attention to the educational and artistic projects for young people. The foundation is dedicated to the memory of Alex Dolce, a sunny and enterprising boy who died prematurely.
         During the inauguration of the exhibition, Atlas of Humanity will be awarded by Duferco Energia for the research activity underlying our project. Social and economic sustainability is one of the added values ​​on which the daily activity of Duferco Energia is based, which over the years has always shown particular attention to social issues.
ImageNation 2019: Atlas of Humanity
April 13th - May 5th 2019
GBBosio Civic Gallery
Piazza Malvezzi, Desenzano del Garda (BS)
Saturday 13 April, 6 pm
Opening time
Tuesday 10.30-12.30. Thursday and Friday: 15.30-19 
Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 10.30-12.30 and 15.30-19


         The Civic Gallery is dedicated to Giovan Battista Bosio (Brescian painter of the early twentieth century and Desenzanese by adoption) is a place for temporary exhibitions and art exhibitions. It is located in the central Piazza Malvezzi, inside Palazzo Todeschini, a solemn building of the architect from Brescia Giulio Todeschini erected in 1580 in front of the old port, with 15 ashlar stone arches, municipal house until the 70s of last century.
         The Old Port, mentioned as early as 1274, was expanded at the time of the Venetian Republic to serve the flourishing grain market. In 1806 construction began on the pier and lighthouse in the Nordic style, which still characterizes the panorama of the lake, while the Venetian bridge is a work of the 1930s.
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