ATLAS OF HUMANITY - International Photo Exhibition

From 27 to 29 May, 2022 Atlas of Humanity will be back in Paris. The exhibition, now at its 7th edition, will be attended by 80 international photographers who showcase the richness and diversity of world's ethnic cultures that form the great mosaic of humanity. The portraits and the daily moments captured by these established authors or curious amateurs provide a glimpse into the vanishing cultures of people who are striving to hold onto their heritage in a rapidly-changing world.
Giovanna is selected to be one of 80 International Photographers in this exhibition.

 "I am honoured to be part of this exhibition. Knowing all the photographers that also exhibit their photos in this Exhibition are all sharing the same vision; Despite all the differences, We are all one humanity" - Giovanna


The 2022 edition of Atlas of Humanity will be held in the frame of ImageNation Paris 2022 at Galerie Joseph La Palais, a space of 1200m2 on 3 levels - formerly the Pierre Cardin Museum - in the very heart of the Marais quarter. Le Marais is one of the coolest quarters and a dream place for art lovers. The French capital has a flourishing art scene, and a walking tour through the Marais provides an exciting glimpse of some of the best art galleries.

To find out more about this exhibition, please follow this link to the official page: 

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